TCS IT Wiz Prep – Tech Questions (Batch #3)


  1. Walter Isaacson (below) is an American author and journalist. He is currently the CEO of the Aspen Institute and was formerly the Managing Editor of TIME. He is, most famously, a biographer and has written the biographies of many famous people such as Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Henry Kissinger. However, in the last four years, he has been in the limelight for writing the biography of a very famous Silicon Valley icon. Which icon are we talking about?                          isaacsonwalter-_v164348457_
  2. The Freedom 251, which was launched recently, is a smartphone touted as ‘India’s most affordable smartphone’. It is priced at a very low rate of Rs 251. Which company manufactures this phone?
  3. What event is this Google Doodle celebrating it? And explain the significance of the different colours? v2-google-doodle
  4. Name the latest version of OS X released by Apple.
  5. The word ____ was  coined by British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene (1976) as a concept for discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. What, now common, word are we talking about?
  6. The name of which famous tech company’s name means ‘High View’ in Spanish?
  7. ID peter-thiel
  8. Who was the mascot of the Japanese Football team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
  9. X is a family of confections made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts are common), whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit. The consistency of X is chewy, and it is used in a variety of candy bars and chocolates. What is X?
  10. In which city is the Facebook headquarters located in?



  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Ringing Bells
  3. 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia. The various colours were a form of protest by Google against Russia’s Anti-LGBT laws.
  4. Sierra
  5. Meme
  6. Alta Vista
  7. Peter Thiel
  8. Pikachu
  9. Nougat (As in Android’s latest software version)
  10. Menlo Park, California

TCS IT Wiz Prep – Tech Questions (Batch #2)


  1. The name of which startup, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, was meant to be a combination of the words ‘Instant Camera’ and ‘Telegram’?
  2.  X joined Google in 1999 as the company’s 20th employee and it’s first female employee. She became well-known in the company due to her attention to detail and was responsible for various projects including Google AdSense and the design of the Google homepage. X is now the CEO of another famous company. ID X.
  3.  ____   __________ is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. The term was coined by Columbia University media law professor Tim Wu in 2003. What important internet concept are we talking about here?
  4. When Chennai was severely affected by floods in December 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the city and conducted an aerial survey of the city. This photo of him during the survey was released by the Press Information Bureau and was met with great controversy. Why was this photo (below) controversial?
  5. Google Apps now sport a very minimalistic and flat UI. This look has been created using the ________ _________ design language by Google. This design language makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. Here (below) is an example of this design being used in an app. What is the name of this design language used by google? 
  6. Connect the following people [Inexhaustive List]: Jawed Karim (Co-Founder of YouTube), Peter Thiel (Angel Investor; One of the first outside investors in Facebook), Elon Musk (Founder Of Tesla and SpaceX), Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn), Russell Simmons (Co-Founder Of Yelp!).
  7. Currently, which is the highest-rated movie on IMDb?
  8. “1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA” is the official address of which tech company? (Notice how this is also a clever play on the computing error of the same name)
  9. Identify this app used for live-streaming any event.        
  10. Expand AVI (The video format).


  1. Instagram
  2. Marissa Mayers
  3. Net Neutrality
  4. The photo was edited using Adobe Photoshop. That is, the view outside the window in the image was not the real view.
  5. Material Design
  6. All of them co-founded/worked at PayPal before going on to found their own respective companies.
  7. The Shashank Redemption
  8. Apple Inc.
  9. Periscope
  10. Audio Video Interleave

TCS IT Wiz Prep – Tech Questions (Batch #1)

We’ve decided to post weekly sets of technology questions to help you guys prepare for TCS IT Wiz 2016. Questions will be posted in batches of 10. The answers can be found at the end. Since this is a new initiative of ours, any opinion or criticism you all might have is welcomed!


  1. _____ was launched in 1990 by Colin Needham, a British computer programmer. The site originally comprised of four lists detailing actors, actresses, directors and retired actors/actresses. Today, it is one of the biggest websites in its respective field. Which website?
  2. This picture (below) is the logo of ‘Stop The Cyborgs’, a London-based group whose primary aim is to protest against the use of a very particular gadget. Which gadget?                                        Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.14.26 pm
  3. A __________ is a standalone malware computer program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers. Often, it uses a computer network to spread itself, relying on security failures on the target computer to access it. Unlike a computer virus, it does not need to attach itself to an existing program. What term is being described here?
  4. The mascot of which social-networking/entertainment/news website is an adorable alien called ‘Snoo’?
  5. Which American Pop Singer is the most followed person on Twitter currently with 85.4 Million followers?
  6. One of the first computers to offer GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) was the Apple LISA. It was developed in the early 1980s by Apple Computers Inc., and it was aimed at individual business users. What is the significance of the name of this computer?
  7. What is being celebrated in this Google Doodle (below)?
  8. Connect: Maverick, Yosemite, El-Capitan (Exhaustive List)
  9. While small test programs existed since the development of programmable computers, the tradition of using the phrase __________ as a test message was influenced by an example program in the seminal book ‘The C Programming Language’. Since then, this phrase has been used as a test message or as the first programme learnt by a programmer when he/she starts to learn how to code. ID this famous phrase.
  10. This website gets part of its name from the Hawaiian word for ‘fast’. It is one of the largest repositories of data and knowledge in the world. Which website?



  1. IMDb
  2. Google Glass
  3. Computer Worm
  4. Reddit
  5. Katy Perry
  6. Lisa is the name of Steve Jobs’ Daughter.
  7. Google’s 17th Birthday.
  8. These are all version of OS X. They are named after places in California.
  9. Hello World
  10. Wikipedia

Scintillations 2015 – Preliminaries

My friend Nishanth and I were honoured to have hosted this year’s edition of the Scintillations General Quiz. Scintillations is the annual culturals held by P.S.Senior Secondary School, Chennai. It took us a lot of effort and time to do this. Tell us what you think about this in the comments! 🙂

Click here to download the preliminary round of Scintillations 2015.

TCS IT Wiz 2016 Preparation

IMG_07232016 has started. Most students worry about how they’re going to perform academically or if they will be able to gain the first rank in their school but quizzers, especially tech quizzers, worry about something else entirely. They worry about the upcoming quizzes and wonder if they will be able to win them all this year. More specifically, they wonder whether they will be able to win this year’s round of TCS IT Wiz.

Winning TCS IT Wiz is every Indian student quizzer’s dream. I know this because it was my dream as well and I was one of the lucky few who was able to achieve that dream of becoming the TCS National Champion.

However, that time has passed, and there is a new champion now. But I want to do something to help all of the student quizzers in this country who have badly wanted to achieve that dream but who don’t have the resources to prepare for it or just don’t know how to.

So, starting from later on this month, I will be posting tech questions, preparation tips and anything which I think will be helpful for anyone who is planning to participate in TCS IT Wiz. These posts will appear on this website and also appear on our Facebook page.

Anyway, subscribe to our page and like our Facebook page to get updates right to your inbox or Facebook account! Also, stay tuned to our website as we will be posting a lot of content from other quizzes too! Cheers!


Texas Instruments Sci-Tech Quiz 2015

The TI Quiz , a Science and Technology quiz , also known as the Jack Kilby Sci-Tech Quiz is back after a gap of two years.

Students of classes 8 to 10 are eligible to participate and must register at least one week beforehand. The details on how to register are below . Each school can register up to six teams consisting of two students each.

The quiz will be held in Mumbai , Chennai , Bangalore , Delhi and Kolkata . The quiz will consist of a written Prelims followed by the Finals . The winners of each regional round qualify to the national round in Bangalore.

Schedule :-
Mumbai – 24th January , 2015
Chennai – 1st February , 2015
Delhi – 14th February , 2015
Bangalore – 21st February , 2015
Kolkata – 5th February , 2015

For details on how to register and other FAQ , CLICK HERE. . Follow their Facebook page too for regular updates HERE. .

This is a really prestigious quiz and can be easily won if you prepare well. Prep well on inventions , elements and alloys , current affairs and Science Trivia. The questions will be direct and easy . The quiz will be very interesting too .

Good luck to you guys for this !

TCS IT Wiz 2014 National Finals

The National Finals of the TCS IT Wiz 2014 were held in Mumbai at Taj Lands End on Sunday , the 14th of December . The Finals consisted of 7 teams from various cities competing for the title of ‘National Champions’ . After a tense finals , the team representing Chennai , Arjun and Abhinav from P S Senior Secondary School , was placed first .

Earlier , two Semi-Finals were held , with the top three teams from each Semi-Final qualifying to the Mega-Finals. The UAE team automatically qualified . The Semi-Finals were very close , with most teams missing out by just 10 points or so . Each Semi-Final was contested by 7 teams .

The Mega-Finals was attended by some of the top officials from TCS including the CEO , Mr N Chandrasekharan .


The teams in the finals were evenly matched and the first three rounds saw most of the teams tied on the same scores . The quiz saw various rounds such as the Droning Round ( Where teams are asked to choose a country , and are then asked an IT question from that country ) , @TCS ( Questions about TCS are asked ) , Disruptor ( An LVC round with a twist ) and SOLOMO ( Teams are asked questions from SOcial Media , LOcal Tech and MObile ) .

It was in the Disruptor round that the Chennai team brilliantly answered a question about Viswanathan Anand . This answer earned them 15 points and went on to win them the quiz . The second placed team was the one from Bhubhaneshwar which was represented by Krishnendu and Dibyendu .
This team pulled ahead into second place during the @TCS round where they answered two questions which earned them a hefty twenty points .

The winners walked away MacBook Airs , Philips Bluetooth Speakers , Sony Headphones , Sony PowerBanks and WD 1TB Hard Drives while the Runners-Up were awarded pretty much the same thing except they got Lenovo Yoga Tablets instead of MacBooks .

MMQ 2014 : Questions

Sorry for the delay , people , I didn’t know who to ask for the questions . Anyway , here are some of them from this year’s Murugappa Madras Quiz .

1. Which veteran film actor and Congressman started his own party called Thamizhaga Munnetra Munnani in 1988? It was short-lived and after a disastrous showing in the elections, he dissolved his party and merged it with the Janata Dal.

2. Which pair of siblings, who have played international cricket, have also donned the CSK colours?

3. The group was started under Sub-Inspector of Police Kanniah Naidu in 1951 and is the oldest in India. It was set up in the CB-CID buildings on Mount Road with two members from England and was shifted to Egmore in 1957. Their expertise lies in explosives, crime investigation and narcotics. Which group is this?

4. Which 1965 MGR starrer did Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa describe as a milestone in her political career? The film was re-released in March 2014 in a digitised format.

5. The Women’s Indian Association was founded in 1917. It was India’s first major feminist organisation with Dr Annie Besant as its first president. Among its founders was Dr Muthulakshmi Reddi. Besides the uplift of women, the WIA helped the formation of a world renowned medical facility in Madras. Which facility is this whose name includes the name of the WIA?

6. This organisation was located on the fourth floor of a building at No 1 China Bazar Road from 1940 to the 1950s before it moved to its present location in 1969 on land that was leased from St George’s Cathedral, near the Anna Flyover. Name the organisation and the building at No 1 China Bazar Road.

7. A stretch of this road was selected as the “guinea pig” for the concrete roads initiative of the Chennai Corporation. It resulted in traffic diversion for a month. Which road is this? How is this “white topping” of roads considered “electricity saving”?

8. They can be considered the first family of cricket in Madras. The father played first class cricket while his sons played Test cricket for India. The family migrated to Madras from Amritsar in 1908. Who was the ‘founder’ of this family? Considering their roots from Punjab, their names were unusually written. Why?

9. This painting titled Blessed are the Peacemakers is by a famed artist who established the Artists Village at Cholamandalam in Madras. It hangs in Raj Bhavan. Rajaji, on seeing the painting, complimented the artist but offered him two suggestions: (1) Clothe the nude figures below Gandhi with some rags (2) Give the painting an Indian name. Name the artist. By what name from the Upanishads is this painting also known as?

10. Hotel D’Angelis, the premier hotel in South India, opened in 1908. Its owner Giacomo D’Angelis was from Sicily. In 1910, inspired by a pioneering feat in Europe in 1909 that won a certain Frenchman a 1000-pound prize offered by the Daily Mail, he performed this act for the first time in Madras at the Island Grounds, charging an entrance fee to this extraordinary demonstration. What did Giacomo D’Angelis do? Who was the Frenchman?

11. She was the first artiste to be heard on AIR Madras on August 15, 1947. She went to the radio station late in the night and rendered one of her most popular songs, Aaduvome pallu paduvome. Who is this legend who had a stamp commemorating her a few days ago?

12. The British started Officers Training Academies to meet the huge demand for officers to serve in the Indian and Commonwealth armies during World War II. However, these schools were closed down at the end of the war. In the aftermath of what did India re-establish these institutions in Chennai and Pune in 1962?

13. Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world still in production (at Thiruvottriyur) with the Bullet model enjoying the longest motorcycle production run of all time. Why was the Bullet motorcycle nam-ed so?

14. What is unique about The Musalman, a newspaper published since 1927 in a small office on Triplicane High Road?

15. Dr Ronald Ross was posted to Madras, Andamans and Burma when he joined the Indian Medical Service in 1881. He is best known for his discovery regarding the spread of malaria. His landmark discovery almost never happened as he threatened to resign when the IMS transferred him from Madras to Rajputana around 1895. Why did he not want to go to Rajputana?

Answers :-

1. Sivaji Ganesan

2. Mike and Dave Hussey

3. Dog Squad

4. Aayirathil Oruvan

5. Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar

6. US Consulate / Dare House, the HQ of Parrys

7. Velachery Main Road / White top reflects light better and so street lights can be dimmer, thus saving power.

8. AG Ram Singh. They followed the South Indian naming convention. Initials had native place and father’s name – Amritsar Govindsingh Ram Singh.

9. KCS Paniker. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

10. He piloted the first aeroplane in India, a bi-plane first tested in Pallavaram. The Frenchman, Louis Blériot, was the first to fly across the English Cha-nnel.

11. DK Pattamal

12. India China War

13. Royal Enfield was originally an armaments company. Its logo was a cannon. Its motto: Made like a gun, goes like a bullet. Hence the name, Bullet.

14. It is the world’s only hand-written newspaper.

15. Because Malaria was common in Madras and the neighbouring regions, whereas Rajputana was malaria-free!

Questions courtesy : The New Indian Express ,

The Cue 2014 – Report

MVM have been on a roll this year and they continued that lucky streak with a win at BRV’s The Cue . The team battled it out with five other schools in the finals held late in the afternoon on Monday. The winners walked away with a cash prize of ₹10K while the runners-up and third place , AMM Matric and PS Senior respectively , were awarded ₹8K and ₹6K .

The preliminary round , which was held in the morning , witnessed a participation of about a hundred schools . It consisted of 25 questions which included the usual starred , picture questions , etc . The prelims , this time , were pretty good and were better than last year . The Cut-Off was 15 .

The six teams in the finals were Bala Vidya Mandir , Chettinad Vidyashram , Maharishi Vidya Mandir , PS Senior , AMM Matric and PSBB Nungambakkam.

The finals were hard-fought and very tight . MVM maintained a lead from the second round and never lost that momentum and AMM consistently scored in every round to make sure that they got atleast second place. CV had scored some points early on , but then encountered a points-drought in some of the later rounds . PS Senior were good too , but they should’ve maybe tried to score some points in the infinite pounce rounds . They later bagged the Third place in a thrilling tie-breaker with CV .

1st Place – MVM ( Pranav and Visrudh )
2nd Place -AMM ( Tejas and Shubhankar )
3rd Place – PS Senior ( Arjun and Sankrith )